Spain – Training Course

Special thanks to our participant ‘Soramee NHOV‘ to create this video.

Organizer: Asociación XuvenilArousaMoza
Type: Erasmus+ KA1 / Training Course
Dates: 30/10/2018 – 07/11/2018
Venue: Vilagarcía de Arousa, Galicia, SPAIN

“Gender Equality For Improving” is a training course, which will gather 18 youth workers, NGO activists and youngsters, +18 years old, from the following countries: Spain, Poland, Romania, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Lebanon. Each country will be represented by 2 people. It is expected that the most part of participants has experience in gender equality and feminism or is involved in these areas.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness about importance of gender equality, especially in spheres of discrimination, violence against women and normalized sexist behaviours. All these issues will be treated through interactive, practical and dynamic activities, where it will try to enhance participants’ awareness.

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Project’s objectives:

  • To raise awareness to the community of the importance of gender equality.
  • Analysing those sexist behaviours that were produce.
  • To inquire into patriarchy mechanisms and analysing our own environment and the different forms of the violence against women.
  • Working on “gender micro aggressions”, especially those that are normalized in society.
  • To inform about the different social realities of women in history and nowadays.
  • To recognize important female figures that were made invisible, focusing on Galician women.
  • To promote equality and tolerance through coeducation and based on diversity as a positive and essential element.
  • Breaking gende rstereotypes that prevent to growin freedom.
  • To raise awareness of equality in all areas in transversal way (ethnicity, economy, religion, functional diversity, affective-sexual diversity…)

You can read an individual experience report of Worldest’s participants in the following:

Selen YALILI's experience
Our participants ‘Soramee NHOV’ and ‘Selin YALILI’


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