Niyazi Fırat Arslan – Embracing the Colors

As soon as I got to the airport in Otopeni, I felt that a great adventure awaits us. I still can’t forget the sunset I saw at the airport on the first day.

Fırat 3
Niyazi Fırat Arslan @frtarslann

After seeing Bucharest’s wonderful historical texture, Romania became a great country for me. I was excited to saw people we met earlier from the projects and to meet new people.

Fırat 5
Niyazi Fırat Arslan @frtarslann

It was a great feeling that Leonard was happy to see us again. Spending time with beautiful and instructive activities during the project made me happy. The most interesting information I learned; Turkey has a very Roma population in most of the countries participating in the project.
Fırat 2

We are all brothers, sisters  and we are as rich as we are different. I convey my hi again to all the friends I met in the project through this article. I learned a lot from this project, spending time with you was a great experience.


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