Kaya Çakıcı – Embracing the Colors

Embracing The Colors was my third Youth Exchange experience and in this project I realized that each and every project has different and effective ways to contribute our skills, knowledge, and awareness. The aim of the project was to raise awareness about the Roma community, their everyday life problems, and the increase of antigypsyism.

Kaya Çakıcı

Before the project I researched and improved my knowledge about the Roma community and their lifestyle. After the project I recognized that my knowledge was just a little dot. During the project one of the important things I learned is ‘What are our social responsibilities?’ in everyday life. Especially Forum-Theatre method was so effective to experience everyday problems people from the Roma community have. With Forum-Theatre I empathized those problems directly and it effected me to think, ‘What can I do more as an individual to fight this problem?’.

From previous projects, I had knowledge about Romanian culture and people but this was my first time visiting Romania and have an opportunity to see beauties and culture of Romania. I was impressed by Bucharest architecture, the nature of Slanic Moldova, and lovely people from Romania. I would definitely like to visit Romania for at least one more time in my life.


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