Dilruba Dabağ – Embracing the Colors

Hi! I’m Dilruba,

I participated in Embracing the Colors youth exchange project as a group leader at 02/19/2020 – 03/01/2020.

This project is organized by ADA (Asociaţia Pentru Dezvoltare Activă). Besides that, in each participating country there is a partner association with which ADA worked to carry out the project; in Turkey, this was done by the Worldest Organization.

Dilruba 5
Dilruba Dabağ in a workshop

ADA gathered 55 people from Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Malta, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, and Spain.

They aimed to increase knowledge about the Roma community in Europe and antigypsyism, to learn how to fight against it.

To achieve this aim, we different sections every day to learn about this topic, we did research on this topic, interviewed with local people, created informative videos and posters, prepared and play forum theaters, each country’s participants investigated their country’s situation on the subject and made a presentation to inform the others about their situation and much more.

Those 55 people communicated with each other very well, became friends and exchange their cultural things, and learned the language. With cultural nights, the participants found opportunities to introduce their country to other participants. We presented our countries, danced traditional dances and tasted dishes. We went to Brasov as a trip, explore the city with our new friends.

The project’s place was really good. In the middle of nature we felt refreshed. Every morning I woke up with a beautiful view and slept every night watching the stars.

This project helped me to be more open-minded. I had not thought about this topic before. My thoughts about the Roma people were as much as I heard from people around me. I have never thought of this topic any deeper. Thanks to the project, I had the opportunity to learn the truth about the topic. I learned how to avoid judging people and how hurtful hate speech can be.

It was a great experience. I’m really happy about what I learn, now it’s time to apply what I’ve learned.


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