Sertan Bilgi – Creative Health Experience

12 golden days in Slanic-Moldova

“Creative Health” was my first project. Thanks to my friend Anılay, i was ready to go to my first project. If she inform me about the project, I could miss too many amazing people and really interesting sessions. So I was excited because I really didn’t know how can I contribute to my team or something else. Then I packed my luggage and hit the road.

There were 10 countries and 50 participants. Our cultures were so different and we had too many differences but everybody was friendly.

Sertan Bilgi - 1

Our presentation and our cultural night were useful for partipicants who know wrong about Turkey and Turkish culture.We really enjoyed during our sessions. They were good experiences for us. I learnt too many things during sessions and presentation. There were too many useful knowledge and life hacks about health.

Hosting team was so friendly and helpful. They were great! Romanians were nice people and they showed us best part of their culture. Thank you guys!

Sertan Bilgi - 2

I really appreciate for being a part of my team and this organisation. That was amazing. I really enjoyed and had fun. I improved myself and gained more confidince because of this project. I feel so lucky. Now I have amazing  friends from this project and I will keep in touch with them.

I would like to say thank you to sending organization Worldest Organization and hosting organization Asociata pentru Dezvoltare Activa (ADA) !!!


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