Kubilay Çetin – Creative Health Experience

I am a 17 years old student and a dancer for 3 years so I have to know something about health and healthy lifestyle. Secondly because of my age I wanted to join because       I would be the youngest participant and I wanted to have a new experience. I thought that reasons when my sending organization offered me to that project than I accepted it with a pleasure. I read the info pack which was contain everything about project and had prepared really carefully. I bought my tickets and I picked up my luggage. On the flight day I found a new friend then we went to project city. After all it started .

We went to the hotel which we stayed and ıt took 4 hours from airport. That hotel was really big and had so beautiful sight. When I went to terrace I could not came back because mountains enthrald me with their grandeur. Then I thought that here was the best place for this project because here had too much fresh air and a lot of tree around the hotel. And this place had a farm and a big chicken house. There were a lot of animals around us so I felt like I was living in a small cottage in forest.

Kubilay Çetin and Turkish Flag
Kubilay Çetin and Turkish Flag

The purpose of this project was learning healthy lifestyle and practice it on our lifes so we tried to learn it and we gave new tips to each other  and new  knowledges about health for 14 days. First of all we started with games. That games were about the participants because we need to know who we were working with. I thought that, this games were the best part of the project because they were really enjoyful and effective. They increased my self confidence so that after the first day I was feeling more useful. Following days sessions started and we began to learn healthy lifestyle, knowledges about eating, new exercises ect. Always we were became a group to do make our subjects. That thing improved our teambuilding skills and made us closer.

At the sessions I felt always like a baby because every day I learnt new things in the training room so there was like a house for me. By the reason of this thing that room has a place on my heart. At the same time I cant forget the atmosphere when the groups were doing their presentation. Always there was a silence and sense of wonder.

From an activity
New experiences, New abilities..

I recognized new people at the project and now I have a lot of friends from different countries. When I realized it that project became more funny and meaningful. While we were on top of the mountain a really huge rain started. Everything became wet so we had to came back so everybody started to walk. We made a lot of groups because the ground was so slippery. Everybody helped each other and thought others goodness. That time I felt like we were a big family and I was the youngest member of it. Because of this reason creative health is most important experience for me.

Summarily during that 14 days I had a lot experiences, I learned new cultures, ı made new friends, I improved my talking skills and the most important one I changed my living style. Now it is more healtier. After that project I felt more self confidence. Because İt helped me to recognize new peoples, their opinions, their cultures and their behaviours. All of them broke my prejudice to others and I began to talk with new people. When I came back I understood that I left from my shyness, timidity, silence. I would like to thank my sending organisation WORLDEST ORGANIZATION, the hosting organization ASOCIATA PENTRU DEZVOLTARE ACTIVA (ADA) and all the participants because of that memories. It was my first time and unforgettable one.

From the beginning of 'What is a healthy life style' session
From the beginning of ‘What is a healthy life style’ session


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