Burcu Özge Karataş – Inclusion+ Experience

14-Day Paradise/ My first Project Experience

 I was working a volunteer English teacher with Russian children in my hometown. They had several difficulties in terms of being a minority in the class, town and having different culture from the others. For these reasons, when my organization offered me that project, I aspiringly accepted it.  Having read the info pack of the project which was perfectly prepared, with the assistance of my organization I bought my tickets and packed my bag. Having read the info pack, I put several cultural foods, drinks, and souvenirs in my pack, since I knew that there would be intercultural nights, and I should be ready for them.

Burcu Özge Karataş is with a cup of Inclusion+ ProjectBurcu Özge Karataş is with a cup of Inclusion+ Project

Having met with my friend with whom I would go to Romania, we boarded the plane and our amazing experience started. We started having friends even at the airport; there are not any words that could describe these moments. In addition, the excitement of learning was turning my head. Having waited at the airport and travelled around 4 hours, we finally arrived the hotel which had a wonderful view of the mountain. I was utterly fascinated because I had filled the form which was sent to me by the host organization about special requirements. I told about my disease, and added that it would be better if I stayed with no more than 2 people, since I had to use a different kind of medicine. Taking this into consideration, the host organization gave me a room with just one person. Shortly, they were so concerned that I did not know how to thank you them. They were so respectful and careful. I had never felt alone or self-conscious; they were as warm as my family to me. Looking forward to tomorrow, me and my friend went to bed.

Love the differences!Love the differences!

In the following days, the foods were rather good. Even the foods made me patient and sympathiser, since I was in a different culture, and consequently different foods were serving. Nevertheless, it is undeniable fact that the foods were good although they were different. They were organized and prepared considering the differences. Shortly, I was not worried about any of the foods, as well.

As for accommodation, as mentioned before the hotel where we stayed were comfortable and clean. Moreover, the working staffs were genial and understanding.

My focal point was the content of the project. During the working sessions, the atmosphere was inclusive. As a beginning, we learnt about training types and Youth pass certificate. I still remember the dramatizations of these sessions; through the dramatization technique, we all learnt about them.  Following that, young people with fewer opportunities were introduced. The flow of the project was not like I expected. From my point of view, anybody would not have expected like this, because it was warm, friendly and it was like multiple intelligence; each person contributed to it, and each was different from the other one. For example, I had never thought about obstacles that these young people faced. With this project, I know how to approach and how to evaluate these problems and solve them. After the exclusion and inclusion working session, I realized how the community exclude and include people.

Worldest Organization flagWorldest Organization flag

The games that we played in these sessions made all the people in the project think from very inside of them, which was the most impressive part of this project, because we learnt while playing and experiencing. Since that moment, everyone was looking at the content of the project from different point of view. With the activity, photo voice I could understand this better, because when I look at the photos shared, all my friends were able to find the inclusion on the Earth itself. I was utterly proud of my friend and myself, since now, we all knew the value of the young people who were waiting somewhere for someone to solve and understand their obstacles. Maybe, we were one of them, and now, we all know how to deal with it, as well. Having the confidence and awareness of this, we walked through the Bran and Brasov city. At the end of 14 days, I left my prejudice, stereotypes, fears, unawareness in a rubbish bin; I put my understanding, experiences, love, friends and tolerance to my pack and returned my country. Now I founded my student community to write project at my university, and I am preparing my friends and myself to write projects both for my student community and my sending organization, because I enjoy knowing new cultures and helping people. In my student community, we play the games I learnt, and do the activities we did in Romania.

Thank you Erasmus+

Thank you Asociatia Pentru Dezvoltare Activa!

Thank you Worldest Organization



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