Youth Works Strengthened with Social Media – Call for Partners

Youth Works Strengthened with Social Media is an Erasmus+ Training Course project to submit to Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes (Turkish National Agency) by  30 April 2020 deadline under Erasmus+ Programme.  It is planned to held on at Edirne, TURKEY.

Social media is important in terms of linking interaction between the non-governmental organizations and their target groups. Social media allows dialogue with the target audience to spread the activities and activities of non-governmental organizations quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

This project aims to strengthen youth work by increasing the knowledge and skills capacity for using social media platforms and tools and creating visual media.

The project objectives and activities will be created together with partner based on their needs.

Partner Profile:

We are looking for partners (from Erasmus+ Programme/Partner Countries) in the following profile:

  • An organization (NGO, group of young people active in youth work, etc.) that works in a youth field;
  • Has a limited capacity of social media;
  • Has a limited capacity of design (graphic, photo edit etc.);
  • Agree with “No money from participant”;
  • Interested to develop a project together and shares tasks.

How to apply?

Fill the application form: Apply

We will evaluate all candidate partners and contact with the organizations that satisfy the project needs. If you think, you have more things to say or show, you may contact with us directly.

How to contact us?

Write us by email:

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