Tolerance Academy – Call for Partners

Tolerance Academy is an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project to submit to the Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes (Turkish National Agency) by  01 Oct 2020 deadline under Erasmus+ Programme.  It is planned to hold on at Ankara, TURKEY.

This project will be submitted by Angora Society of Leading Initiative. We support this informal youth group that tries to develop solidarity.

The Roma community is the largest ethnic minority, with approximately 11 million people and presents in all 27 EU countries. The community is considered the most disadvantaged group in Europe. They are victims of racism and discrimination, racial violence, discrimination in the health and educational system, labor market, etc. and is socially, economically, and politically vulnerable.


Combating the phenomenon of antigypsyism by equipping young people with digital, cultural, and human rights activism skills, initiative, and motivation to take action against discrimination and fake news about the Roma community.

The other objectives will be cleared with all partners based on the needs and objectives of each organization and their target group. And they will be modified among the common aspects.

Target Group:

We’d like to involve motivated youngsters between 18 and 25 .

5 participants + 1 group leader from each organization.

Partner Profile:

We are looking for partners (from Erasmus+ Programme Countries) in the following profile:

  • An organization (NGO, school, etc.) that is actively involved in fewer opportunities especially with Roma community;
  • Interested in human rights, anti-discrimination, anti-hate-speech.
  • Agree with “No money from participant”;
  • Interested to develop a project together and shares tasks.

How to apply?

Fill the application form: Apply

We will evaluate all candidate partners and contact with the organizations that satisfy the project needs. If you think, you have more things to say or show, you may contact with us directly.

How to contact us?

Write us by email:

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