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No More! is an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project to submit to Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes (Turkish National Agency) by  07 May 2020 deadline under Erasmus+ Programme.  It is planned to hold on at Edirne, TURKEY.

This project will be submitted by Troubleshooters. We support this informal youth group that tries to develop solidarity.

The United Nations defines violence against women as “any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual, or mental harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life.” In a small sentence are summarized a large number of attitudes and ideas that might be experienced by many women and girls worldwide. Violence against women (VAW) can cause long-term physical and mental health problems not just involving women and girls but also their children, families and community. It’s a barrier to social growth and an obstacle to individual and collective happiness. Since it is a social problem that can be fought by the whole society.

It happens everywhere, be it at home or in public, in every society and EU country, regardless of social background.

  • One in three women in the EU has been a victim of physical and/or sexual violence since the age of 15;
  • One in 20 women have been raped;
  • Over half (55%) of women have experienced sexual harassment;
  • One in three women has experienced psychological abusive behavior by a partner;
  • One in three women has experienced physical or sexual violence by an adult during childhood.

These data drove the Council of Europe to establish the Istanbul Convention. On 12 March 2012, Turkey became the first country to ratify the Convention, followed by 33 other countries from 2013 to 2019 but the efforts are still not enough and the changing needs to happen from the bottom up. It’s important to raise awareness of young men and women and to spread a culture of equal opportunities but even teach the whole society how to recognize all forms of violence and stand up to these.

Thus the “No More!” project is a need and a way to promote culture and solidarity.


  • To discuss in a creative way about gender equality;
  • To make young people aware of what gender-based violence is;
  • To make young people aware of its causes and consequences;
  • To increase the level of solidarity and democratic participation;
  • To find shared solutions to increase social responsibility.

These objectives will be discussed with all partners based on the needs and objectives of each organization and their target group. And they will be modified among the common points.

Target Group:

We’d like to involve motivated youngsters between 16 and 25 .

5 participants + 1 group leader from each organizations.

Partner Profile:

We are looking for partners (from Erasmus+ Programme/Partner Countries) in the following profile:

  • An organization (NGO, school, etc.) that are actively involved in delivering formal and non-formal education, training and youth work;
  • In particular, we’d like to involve secondary schools and youth centers;
  • Agree with “No money from participant”;
  • Interested to develop a project together and shares tasks.

How to apply?

Fill the application form: Apply

We will evaluate all candidate partners and contact with the organizations that satisfy the project needs. If you think, you have more things to say or show, you may contact with us directly.

How to contact us?

Write us by email:

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