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Home Abroad is an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project to submit to the Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes (Turkish National Agency) by  07 May 2020 deadline under Erasmus+ Programme.  It is planned to hold on at Burdur, TURKEY.

This project will be submitted by Limitless Youth. We support this informal youth group that tries to develop solidarity.

In the last half-century, it is one of the most important phenomena of migration in Turkey and all over the world. It has affected the lives of societies in every period and continues to make its impact felt. The local communities are facing a high level of suspicion for the “newcomers” due to poor information, mentality and cultural diversity. In this way, the young immigrants or refugees and descendants from immigrants or refugee families have to suffer discrimination.

The main situations or needs that the project is addressing are related to the general attitudes of our societies among refugees and immigrants expressed through discrimination, hate speech, prejudice, xenophobic biases, marginalization, and social exclusion.


  • To promote social inclusion and to facilitate the social inclusion of fewer opportunities;
  • To promote the initiative and the active participation in the fight against negative attitudes of society related to refugees and immigrants expressed through discrimination, hate speech, prejudice, xenophobic attitudes, marginalization and social exclusion;
  • To develop creativity and the ability of expression through arts among the young participants;
  • To facilitate the exchange and intercultural cooperation among young people in order to develop a visual tool for promoting European principles and values.

These objectives will be cleared with all partners based on the needs and objectives of each organization and their target group. And they will be modified among the common aspects.

Target Group:

We’d like to involve motivated youngsters between 18 and 25 .

5 participants + 1 group leader from each organizations.

Partner Profile:

We are looking for partners (from Erasmus+ Programme/Partner Countries) in the following profile:

  • An organization that are actively working with refugess / immigrants or people from different ethnicsc
  • In particular, we’d like to involve youth centers;
  • Agree with “No money from participant”;
  • Interested to develop a project together and shares tasks.

How to apply?

Fill the application form: Apply

We will evaluate all candidate partners and contact with the organizations that satisfy the project needs. If you think, you have more things to say or show, you may contact with us directly.

How to contact us?

Write us by email:

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